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ChatGPT with talktweak can browse the web, create charts, summarize YouTube videos or update you on the news. Without overpriced subscriptions.

One time purchase. Discounted rates for early users.

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Studies conducted by OpenAI show that GPT-4 with plugins can automate up to 56% of all tasks. Talktweak makes this advanced tech affordable.

GPT-4 costs ~$0,00008 per word. You don't need to pay $20/month for a subscription to benefit from AI superintelligence.
Automate everything
Summarize threads, analyze code, generate images, create research reports, find investment opportunities, and so much more in seconds. Your friends will wonder how you do it all.
The plugin data is processed locally on your device. We don't collect your data, nor do we have access to it.
You pay once and get to use the tools forever. No closures, no hidden fees, no bullshit.

👋 I'm Emil, the creator of talktweak.
As a student myself, I know the struggle. Not everyone can, or wants to pay $20 a month to access powerful AI. Big AI companies make billions by charging huge monthly fees for basic AI apps. In the process, they're excluding students and minorities from state-of-the-art AI. I made talktweak because I want equal AI access for everyone.

Founder, talktweak

Our plugins start at $8.
Yes, once.

Fair prices are just one of the ways we give control back to you, the user. Every talktweak product is made to run on your hardware, be fully private and secure. Buy it once, own it forever.


Hundreds of customers ❤️ talktweak.

“Emil’s plugins are the best. Literally adding 10x power to Typing Mind. Highly recommend.”

Tony Dinh

“Great plugins that make work quicker and easier and are also cool.”

Joe Habscheid

“After using it, I found the plugin to be powerful and performant. It helps me quickly get the information I need and saves me a lot of time. The plugin has become an indispensable assistant in my work.”


“Honestly, from my perspective, coming from years in the crypto space, your prices offer stunning and remarkable value.”


“Big shout out to Emil from talktweak! Thank you for creating these awesome plugins! I am using SeachPlus and BrowsePlus on a daily base. It is amazing how seamless they work and the output they help to create. Danke Emil!”

Bernhard Friedrichs

“Keep up the good work, and thank you for making these plugins.”


“Super impressed with the plugins so far. [...] it was super easy with the import link and instructions/settings setup. I’m a non coder but doing some complex prompts on TypingMind Custom. Excited to have found you on Discord – thanks for the great work!”

Karla Congson

“You've earned every bit of what you've built - wishing you an interesting future ahead!”


“Very helpful apps for both users and developers!”


“I have just bought it. Configuration is straightforward, and the keys are free. You have to pay only for the LLM use.”

Fabio Scarsi
@fabioscarsi (Discord)

“As a @TypingMindApp power user - your 3 plugins (Searchplus, BrowsePlus,TubePlus) has increased my productivity - thank you 🙂”


“Priced very fairly!”


Premium Plugins

Make the switch. Cancel ChatGPT Plus.

Upgrade a to private, local, cross-platform ChatGPT today at a low one time price. Here's how to cancel your ChatGPT subscription. No worries, we got you.


DiffusionPlus integrates the latest cutting-edge image models with ChatGPT for the first time. Generate realistic or stylistic images in incredible quality without subscriptions.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Generate an image of a young professional in tech for my blog post on carrer orientation.

Plugin Logo

Using DiffusionPlus...

Example Image


Subscription-free ChatGPT SEO for serious professionals. Find keywords, SEO audit sites, write blog posts, analyze your competition and more.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Analyze the SEO of talktweak.com for me.

Plugin Logo

Using SEOPlus...

Based on the SEO analysis, I have attached are the most mentioned keywords on the site, their relevance and competition. the website could benefit from including these keywords in key areas such as meta descriptions, alt text, page titles, and headers. Additionally, some keywords like "Advanced AI Tech" seem to have no search volume, so they might be too specific or unknown to the current user base.


Takes in a search term and returns a detailed, reflected and thorough summary of the result. Scrapes, analyzes, compares and fact-checks results with incredible quality and accuracy.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Look up information on Rewind.ai and write a 5 sentence essay on it's societal impact.

Plugin Logo

Using SearchPlus...

Rewind.ai, an innovative application employing Artificial Intelligence, records all user interactions on a Mac, eliciting both interest and concerns regarding privacy. The app uses machine learning to extract text and transcribe audio, all locally stored, providing an uncommon tool for memory retrieval amidst security apprehension. Remarkably, the tool has piqued attention among Mac users and potential investors, reflecting its societal reach and market potential. However, its societal impact hinges on how users weigh its practical advantages against privacy issues. The future ramifications of this technology rely on the ongoing assessment and discourse centered around this groundbreaking software.

Infinite plugin generator

Generate infinite plugins for TypingMind with just a simple prompt using this GPT character.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Create a random number generator that spits out a number between 10 and 100 whenever it is invoked.

Plugin Logo

Code generation...

The plugin is done and ready to install.


Allows ChatGPT to access YouTube videos. No configuration required. Takes less than 3 seconds.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Summarize the lessons from this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MevKTPN4ozw

Plugin Logo

Using TubePlus...

The video discussed the working of Tesla and the future of tech. Elon Musk emphasised that his focus at Tesla is to make the product as compelling as possible and to make it more affordable. Musk stated that in order to make the cars affordable, it requires high volume and economies of scale due to the high competition in the car industry. Elon Musk also talked about Tesla's future products. Aside from the current Tesla models, Musk mentioned the upcoming products like the Model Y, a semi truck, a pickup truck and the next generation Roadster. Musk was particularly excited about the Tesla Roadster, describing it as a car faster than any gasoline car in every way. Musk also talked about the challenges and learning in using automation in the manufacturing process. He said that while robots are good at certain tasks, humans are better at adaptation and performing small, finicky tasks, and it was a mistake to automate these tasks. This realization led them to balance their workforce by employing both humans and robots.


Incredibly fast browsing plugin. URL to summary or content in seconds.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Summarize this article in three sentences: https://a16z.com/why-software-is-eating-the-world/

Plugin Logo

Using BrowsePlus...

According to the article "Why Software Is Eating the World" on a16z.com, software companies are taking over various industries, and this trend is expected to continue. These companies are building high-growth and highly defensible businesses, and their impact is not just financial but also intrinsic. The article argues that we are currently in the midst of a technological and economic shift where software is poised to disrupt and dominate large sectors of the economy.


Allows ChatGPT to create awesome Line, Bar, Doughnut and Pie charts without an expensive ChatGPT+ subscription.

Example Chat

Plugin Logo

Create a Bar Chart comparing the population of India, the US, Spain, Germany and China.

Plugin Logo

Using ChartsPlus...

Example Image

Free Plugins

Get a bit of talktweak magic for free.

We offer some basic plugins for you to try free. Try talktweak and buy a premium plugin whenever you're ready to unlock advanced functionality. Feel free to name your own price to support our work!

Midjourney Expert

Generate images without complicated prompts.


Access GitHub user profiles within GPT.


Access Wikipedia articles from an URL within GPT.


Look up Cryptocurrency pricing in real time.

Need a custom plugin?

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Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you sell my data?
Are your products really for life?
Yes. You pay once, and get the product for life. Some features we have do require the use of a server, but if we ever shut that down, we will release the source code of the server.
Where do your products work?
Our plugins work on TypingMind.com, and our characters are compatible with any ChatGPT interface, including the official one.
How do I use your products?
The installation is as simple as clicking a button or copying a prompt. We have a detailed installation guide for each product that you will recieve with your purchase.
Do you offer refunds?
We do offer refunds, but only if the product does not work for you for a specific reason. If you have any issues with your purchase, reach out and we'll find a way to make it right.
What's the difference between BrowsePlus and SearchPlus?
BrowsePlus is simple & fast: It takes in a URL and returns a summary or the content. SearchPlus is more advanced, but also slower: It takes in a search query and returns a summary of multiple results.
What's the difference between a plugin, an extension and a character?
"Extensions" is a generic term that refers to plugins and characters. A plugin is a program that can be executed by a plugin to obtain information (like SearachPlus or TubePlus). A character provides a model with knowledge and changes it's behavior (like the Plugin Generator or Midjourney Expert).
Are there discounts for students or people with low income?
We don't offer specific discounts, but if you can't afford our products, mail us and we'll find a way to make it work.